Special edition
50 uniques
H: 75.3cm, W: 44.3cm, D: 44.3cm, 7.1kg


The pre-order sales for the limited special edition of the artist's book "TIME MAY BECOME SLIPPERY..." by Mad Dog Jones (abbr. MDJ), marking the very first release from the artists' book publishing label “?” (read symbol). The pre-orders are now available starting from November 16, 2023. This limited special edition, which “?” is releasing before the standard version of the book, is a package for those who wish to fully discover the world of MDJ and the ‘art’ that encompasses MDJ. This package contains the standard edition of the book, scheduled for release on February 28, 2024, in a pylon bookcase devised and produced by MDJ. 

For MDJ, pylons are more than just regulatory and classification signs on a construction site, they are guideposts that keep the torrent of creativity on the right track. The bookcase with its pylon is the perfect object to harbor this book, which collects MDJ’s work. Each pylon will be individually adorned by MDJ, making the special version of the artist’s book limited to 50 editions.

To immortalize the names of those who purchase the special edition by January 18, 2024, we plan to inscribe them in the art context of “TIME MAY BECOME SLIPPERY...” and have also prepared perks such as NFTs serving as certificates for the artist’s book, as well as the digital version of the standard edition of the book.

As the title suggests, for Mad Dog Jones (abbr. MDJ), ‘TIME,’ the basis of all value formation, is not necessarily fixed. The perspectives that emerge from the exceptionally talented and unique MDJ have the potential to serve as a beacon for all of us living amid chaos. By sharing this potential with you in the form of a book, “?” also intends to place MDJ’s works in a series of art contexts. We invite you to appreciate his creativity through MDJ’s first artist’s book, “TIME MAY BECOME SLIPPERY...”, covering the span of MDJ’s career from the early days on.


EDITION : 50 uniques, Distressed Finish
BOOK SIZE : A4-Size Variant
PRODUCT SIZE : H.75.3cm, W.44.3cm, D.44.3cm
CRATE SIZE : H.86cm, W.55.4cm, D.55.4cm
EXTRAS : NFT Certification, Digital Book
PRICE : 4,000 USD 
*The delivered product may differ from the image.



Mad Dog Jones is the artist name of Michah Dowbak, a multidisciplinary artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Educated in human kinetics, Dowbak’s first professional steps were into the music world, co-founding the Toronto-based SIDEWAYS collective, which went on to produce multiple gold and platinum records. Having grown up in a family of artists and poets, MDJ’s journey in the arts was a natural progression, with influences from his mother found in his poetic titling and wordplay within the works and from his father, whose stained-glass art informs the line work and signature love of color.

His art career gained momentum through early commission work for Maroon 5 that appeared in the Super Bowl, art for Chromeo, Run the Jewels, and Jabbawockeez, all unfolding to a rising community on social media. After his first gallery show AFTERL-IFE WORLD at Diesel Art Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo, in fall of 2019, MDJ’s fame grew with the success of his Crash + Burn series, a digital art and music collaboration with Deadmau5, the “Replicator” series of self-generating digital art works, Art Basel installations, and headlining at the first major NFT art exhibition at UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing.

He has recently designed helmets and cars for Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 Team. Further bridging his digital-based creativity with physical art, his first two paintings showed at Gana Gallery in Seoul, and he is working on a collaboration with ukiyo-e style woodblock print artists at the Adachi Institute.